Friday, October 1, 2010

Top of the...PIE????

That night of exploration was the last race of F1 Singapore. Thus, the city was out of bound. So, headed for a pedestrian bridge over a Section of PIE to take these pictures.

This the bridge we are on.

What lies below.....

Fort Canning Park

Some time ago. My Good friend cum Photography Buddy cum Secondary school mate cum Uni Mate.... the the list goes on..... and I went to fort canning park one late night when the whole city is asleep. These are the returns.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Singapore day landscape

Sharing some of the day landscape shots i have done on my free time. 
Sunset. Shot at the barrage

look carefully.

This Thingy again!!!

This is where i stay.

white cloud and blue blue sky
Does it look slated

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Singapore Night Landscape Shot

Urban Landscape... That's the easiest to shot at night. Just need to keep the camera still and the result could be some beautiful pictures due to the contrast between the dark night sky and the bright city lights.

 Singapore city line

 Number 8.. Huat Ah...

 Dunno what name.. but a lot of sg drama is shot here.

Nice Reflection off the water body

Clarke Quay

UOB Bank.

Above 2 Photo are shot with UWA Lens.

Star Dust

Star Wars??

Merlion. Another meaning is puke due to excessive drinking

Marina Bay

Just realize that I have an overdose of photo with this architecture in it

Singapore Cars are fast..
See all the photos here.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Kids.. Simply love shooting them..

For me, shooting kids is more of a point and shoot experience usually done on auto mode.

When in manual mode, I use low f stop value (for bokeh effect) and fast shutter speed when the lighting condition is bright. However things gets pretty messy when the light condition is dim. i.e indoors.

More of a time, the shot is blurred, due to the movement of the subject or dark background.

This post contains some of the better shots I have taken with Kids as the subject.

My niece - Joelle

Joelle again (with her dad in the background)

My another niece - Megan

Megan Again

FB's dotter - Bel Bel

FB's Son - Nathdaniel

My son - Nicholas (at the background is my beautiful wife)

My son again

FB's sis - Dom and her son Alaric.


Will's Dotter - Alexis

Son of my wife's good friend Fannie - Riley (love the smile)

Catch the bubble.

My fav shot - although a bit soft overall